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We often integrate our treatment plans with the expertise of other health care providers. If you’re a primary care or family physician, specialist, therapist or health care professional, we welcome your referrals. We excel in communicating and collaborating with you to ensure our patients receive thorough, cohesive care.


We regularly provide referrals and recommendations to specialists in the following areas:

Bodywork, chiropractic, osteopathy, physical medicine, physical therapy
Corporate health
Gynecology  (including reproductive endocrinology and holistic gynecology)
Mindfulness-based meditation
Primary care
Psychotherapy and psychiatry


We believe in sharing medical knowledge widely and generously.  Vast amounts of research are done to improve patient outcomes, but it is up to health care professionals and their patients, not researchers, to weigh all of the available information and create a safe, effective, collaborative and personalized care plan.

Whether we’re working with systematic reviews, controlled trials, anecdotal clinical evidence, or direct patient feedback, our objective is always to develop care plans that offer the least risk with the greatest potential benefit. When well-informed patients and medical providers operate as partners, we can make better healthcare decisions by considering the full breadth of information that applies to each patient and their unique needs.

At San Francisco Acupuncture Group, we carefully follow the latest research on a range of practices, techniques and clinical approaches in order to give our patients more choices and the safest, most effective treatment available. If you would like to learn more about the research we monitor and even participate in outside of our clinical practice, please contact us directly.

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