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Tips for Occasional Bloat & Problem Solving Persistent Bloating

The winter season is upon us, and with it, so many delicious indulgences! We’ve all been there on a festive evening–eyes bigger than our stomach, portions adding up over a few hours, a particularly enticing menu item chock-full of rich ingredients, or sipping one cocktail too many. The result? An uncomfortably full, tight, or swollen […]

Navigating Perimenopause and Menopause With Integrative Care

As a leading acupuncture and integrative medicine practice, we are dedicated to supporting women in their later reproductive years. Perimenopause, the years leading up to the final period, and menopause, defined after 12 consecutive months without a period, are challenging times of significant change in a woman’s life, often fraught with challenges and uncertainty. Unfortunately, […]

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5 Minutes to a Better Breakfast

If you are following a whole food diet with the intention to optimize fertility, you understand the importance of protein. Protein makes an appearance in all of your meals and most of your snacks because you know that it not only provides the building blocks to materials like hormones and follicles but also stabilizes blood […]

Postpartum Care, Part Two

In Part One, we discussed the importance of the last few weeks of pregnancy in preparing for the postpartum phase. In Part 2, we talk about those crucial first few weeks after baby is born. Think of this as the second phase of nesting.  After the flurry of preparing for baby’s arrival, sink deep into the nest you’ve built. […]

Postpartum Care, Part One

Becoming a mother marks a time of profound transformation in a woman’s life. There’s the euphoria and excitement of a new baby. But labor and birth can be rigorous, and Mom will continue to experience hormonal changes for up to a year after giving birth. While the baby requires around-the-clock attention, the mother, too, needs […]