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Success stories

“Desperate to return to running again, I arrived at Franco’s acupuncture table (somewhat skeptical) at the recommendation of a friend. Within three sessions, Franco had me running again. I would call it magic, but as an M.D. myself, I can recognize a skilled practitioner.”
– Meg H., Needham, Massachusetts

“I had suffered from foot pain for 2.5 years. At its worst, it was difficult to walk. I’d received an x-ray, MRI, ultrasound, and EMG. I’d seen several orthopedic doctors, a podiatrist, a neurologist, and a rheumatologist. No one was able to explain or help my pain. Then I met Franco, where he introduced me to dry needling and ideas from pain science. It is not an exaggeration to say this was life changing. At this point, I am nearly pain free.”
– Oren L., Berkeley, California

“Jonah changed my life. Over the course of the past year, he has brought my body back from hell. Week after week, I saw my body morph, my posture got better, I could move around in ways my body couldn’t allow for years because it was too stiff & too painful. And most of all, with the pain silenced, I was able to have a restful sleep once again.”
– Louis S., Los Angeles, California

“Anyone who is looking for a holistic approach to healing and/or has issues with female health should try to get a consult with Jeannie. We’ve been working together for the last 1.5 years and her approach transformed my life. Thanks to Jeannie I was able to get the right care and was diagnosed with an autoimmune thyroid condition that was missed by so many of my doctors in the past. Jeannie helped me with PCOS as well and now I am a fully functioning human that does not require to take hormones and painkillers every day of my life, but able to regulate my body with food, lifestyle changes and herbs.”
– Lena K., San Francisco

 “I believe we all deserve to live a life without pain, and I can honestly say Franco and Jonah gave me my life back.  My body is completely different and has healed tremendously. The combination of being the most skilled, experienced acupuncturists that also fully understand how the body and brain affect pain, as well as being the kindest and most compassionate people I know, makes them so powerful. I have seen over 40 doctors and can say no one is better.”
– Kirsten S., San Francisco, California

“ABSOLUTELY THE BEST OF THE BEST! I have been a client of San Francisco Acupuncture Group for many years now. I worked with Franco and Jeannie with back problems, nausea (pregnancy), neck issues and more back problems after kids. They are super down to earth and really take pride in patient care and results. My husband who injured his shoulder after a sports injury, has seen Franco and Jonah a few times and raves about his experience. He completely changed his posture due to Franco and Jonah’s suggestions. If you are looking for help with aches and pains, overall stress and wellbeing look no further! They make everyone feel super welcome and comfortable while sticking you with needles. Haha”
– Sabrina M, San Francisco, California

“I injured my wrist/hand in a fall. Over subsequent months, it got worse, not better. I tried everything conventional medicine had to offer and nothing relieved the pain I was experiencing. A single visit here with Jonah was all it took. It was honestly miraculous. It’s been over a year and I haven’t experienced a recurrence.”
– Aaron M., San Francisco, California

“Ever-present pain was something I thought I had to accept but that changed when I started to get acupuncture with Franco. Quickly, I began to feel relief and I’m so grateful to him and his partner Jonah for their expertise, thoughtfulness, and authenticity.

Their service goes way beyond the dry needling that I get there. Franco studies my body, takes notes on progress, and provides recommendations for my life outside of the clinic to feel better – stretches, alignment techniques, mental/emotional tools, etc. This is just as important as their acupuncture itself, not only does it provide me instant relief they also deeply care to try and treat my pain before it arrives.

Franco is one of the best medical practitioners that I have ever worked with, easily.”
– Danny N., Boston, Massachusetts

“I had been suffering from chronic lower back pain for about 1 year. I tried seeing a chiropractor, physical therapy, stretching, and yoga. However, nothing seemed to fully resolve the consistent pain I had been feeling. After only 3 sessions with Jonah,I feel like we’ve made significant progress towards relieving my back pain.”
– Eric L., San Francisco, California 

“I developed RSI-wrist tendonitis in both wrists in early 2017 from repetitive hand/wrist movements from my computer job. The pain kept getting worse and physical therapy/recommendations from any doctors I saw did not help. I was in so much pain that doing anything hurt, i.e. brushing my teeth, getting dressed, doing laundry, cooking, etc.  8 months into working with Jonah, I can say 2020 is the best year I’ve had so far!”
– Rinie G., Big Oak Flat, California

“My acupuncturist in New York referred me to Jeannie when I moved to SF two years ago. I’ve been seeing her regularly ever since and love working with her. She’s incredibly knowledgeable about female reproductive health and assisted me in achieving menstrual regularity and helping reverse my PCOS.”
– Kate M., San Francisco, California

“I got a severe SI joint pain that caused muscle spasms that paralyzed me to bed for a week. I tried regular acupuncture and massages which didn’t help much. Luckily I found the SF Acupuncture Group on Yelp. I gave it a try and was surprised by the results – the day after my first meeting with Franco I could finally walk (slowly but surely), then a few days after and one more meeting most of my pain was fading away thanks to the Dry Needling treatment.”
– Brentt M., San Francisco, California

“Before being recommended acupuncture, I had seen multiple chiropractors, physical therapists, doctors etc. Jonah is the only professional I still see, because I feel consistently better after every session!”
– Jason H., San Francisco, California

“I had bulging discs in my cervical spine, C4-C5, C5-C6 and shoulder pain (scapula).

Jonah, with the help of my massage therapist, helped me regain my normal lifestyle, one that does not include living with constant pain. Also, what I appreciated most about Jonah was that any question I had he was attentive and took his time to explain what was happening with my body.”
– Alberto R., San Francisco, California

“I’ve had many sports injuries and have had dry needling done before and at a few different places but Jonah is unquestionably the Cadillac of dry needling.”
– Nano P., San Jose, California

“I’ve seen every different kind of doctor, physical therapist, surgeon and even prior dry needling treatment but Franco’s technique has given me great relief in only two visits. He is masterly skillful at identifying and treating specific areas of trouble and I couldn’t be happier about my progress. Years of pain significantly improved in a few treatments.”
–Devin J., San Jose, California

“Jonah Hershowitz at San Francisco Acupuncture Group provided the tipping point in my healing from months of plantar fasciitis.”
– Rebecca S., San Francisco, California

“I saw Franco Garritano for frozen shoulder after several painful months (and after a steroid injection, which had not dramatically altered my pain). After only one treatment, my pain decreased to manageable levels and my mobility (ability to rotate arm) increased. As a side note: Franco recommended some changes to my PT regimen, which also have helped recovery.
– Carla S., San Francisco, California

“Franco is truly a magician! If you are in pain, come here. I came in with sharp lateral knee pain and tingling and was in the middle of marathon training. I saw a doctor who told me to get an MRI and a PT who spent the entire time cupping my IT Band. The next week, Franco quickly identified that the issue lay in my outside quad and was causing lateral knee and patella tendonitis. My IT band was tight but not to a concerning point. After 2 treatments, I am back to no walking pain, doing spin classes and am supposed to try jogging in the next 2 days.”
– Isabelle K., Austin, Texas

“Franco is amazing – I had horrible neck/back pain and no one was able to figure out the root cause or help my pain levels at all.  After one session, I felt almost back to normal two days post seeing him. I just finished my follow-up appointment and I feel great.”
– Natalie S., Marina del Ray, California

“Life changing! I have been seeing Franco for many months now. He is caring, uplifting & a true healer. If you have reached a dead-end with your doctors and other medical professionals, and you are feeling frustrated and helpless with your pain levels, I implore you to make an appointment!”
– Christina D., Woodland Hills, California

“Jeannie has helped me resolve two different health issues which have been chronic for the past several years (GI and sinus). I’ve seen two GI specialists and a health coach, with zero positive impact, until now. After two weeks working with Jeannie and following her advice on some minor lifestyle changes – I saw major improvement! Life altering improvements. She has a very great demeanor, gets to the root of the issue and suggests a plan. She is supportive and positive.”
– Christine B., San Francisco

“I have had myofascial pain for the last 20 years. When I first came to the Clinic, the pain I had in both of my arms was excruciating and extended into the muscles surrounding my shoulder blades. The mobility I had in my shoulders had decreased to the point where I had really poor posture and had to give up many activities that I loved-such as working out with weights, playing tennis, and cross country skiing due to the pain in my shoulders and arms. Jonah used dry needling and the pain has dissipated and my mobility is fantastic! I have been able to resume the activities I love. Jonah is an expert in using dry needling to treat certain types of pain and is a compassionate professional.”
– Miriam M., San Mateo, California

“This is the first time that a treatment has helped me in reducing my symptoms of thoracic outlet syndrome (which I’ve struggled with for 7 years). Jonah & Franco are the most intelligent, compassionate, and effective healers of pain.”
– Patricia G., San Francisco, California

“I’ve been seeing Jeannie for almost two years. She’s helped me through fertility, overall health, and ultimately my pregnancy. I appreciate Jeannie’s focus on her craft, ability to truly listen to what is going on with me personally, and willingness to provide holistic guidance and support beyond just acupuncture. I’ve learned a lot and know she’s contributed to my overall well-being and health.”
– Ashleigh W., Alameda, California

“My back is still great thanks to you!”
– Lance Kalish, Co-founder, Yes To Carrots

“I didn’t believe in acupuncture until working with Franco and San Francisco Acupuncture Group–now I tell everyone he’s magic! For over ten years he’s helped get me through a rigorous performance schedule, injuries, and maintaining my best overall health needed to be a balanced person and athletic performer.”
– Kristen Faith Oei, Broadway performer

“I have had a long-term back injury which Jonah Hershowitz at San Francisco Acupuncture Group successfully treated using laser and acupuncture. I have experienced an incredible, 80% improvement over several months of treatment. It takes time for the body to heal, but Jonah’s diligent treatment definitely beats the alternatives of constant pain and surgery.”
– Gloria Horsley, Ph.D., Founder and Director, Open to Hope.

“I had sharp pains in my shoulder from playing basketball and tried physical therapy and 3 other acupuncturists for the first 10 months and showed no improvement. Every time I’ve seen Jonah it has improved at least 10%! If I ever have another injury he will be the first (and last) person I will call. Their staff is amazing and very accommodating. Even when Jonah was unavailable Franco was able to see me and was equally has helpful!”
– Mike S., San Francisco, California

“Jeannie is so knowledgeable and warm, and truly takes the time to listen to your issues and address them with a personal touch. That includes following up with you after your appointment with any recommendations for lifestyle, health and dietary changes. If you’ve done acupuncture before, you know that it’s very relaxing, but beyond that, appointments with Jeannie left me feeling more informed and in charge of my health.”
– Keira A., San Francisco, California

“I have been dealing with decades of rotator cuff shoulder pain, to the point where I couldn’t sleep on that side of my body. I’ve tried many different treatments over the years and decided to approach Jonah about BioFlex laser therapy.

Given my distance from his office, I was pleased that he was able to work with me remotely via HIPAA-compliant videoconference. After a few months of treatment, I am now able to start sleeping on my left side. I’m not out of the woods yet, but after more than two decades, it’s pretty remarkable that I’m in at least 50% less pain.

As a separate issue, we also treated my facial acne using the laser LED arrays, and I’m 90% cleared up. This is something that two years of antibiotics was not able to address. I’m very pleased with how Jonah is able to advise and adjust protocols for home and remote treatment—and I deeply appreciate his thorough explanations about the biological action of the LED. My expectations were definitely exceeded.”
– Peter T., San Jose, California

“I was recently struck by a car and was referred to San Francisco Acupuncture group by a friend who had a similar experience. I was told to book an appointment with Franco; this guy knows what he’s doing. I started to feel better after just two sessions!”
– Scott H., San Francisco, California 

“I strained my back while moving my father-in-law from his wheelchair to the couch, and wound up with a chronic muscle spasm in my back. I could barely walk, and I was in extreme pain. I couldn’t even raise my arm to wash my hair.

I tried Bowen Technique treatments, therapeutic massages, and prescription muscle relaxants. My office even brought in an ergonomics specialist. Nothing helped. After a few months of agony, I found Jonah, who quickly identified the problem – a difficult-to-isolate muscle that connects the bottom of the rib cage to the hip.

The acupuncture treatments were amazing. I felt significant relief after the first session. Jonah also gave me a stretching exercise to perform at home, and warned that it would likely take several treatments to eliminate the pain. He was right. It took several visits, but I made noticeable progress each time and eventually, I was completely healed.

Jonah was a lifesaver for me. His caring, gentle approach and expertise are wonderful. I’m so grateful for his help.”
– Randy P., San Rafael, California