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“Jonah and San Francisco Acupuncture Group are great folks and well trained, fine healers. I appreciate their work.”
– Jack Kornfield, Bestselling Author and Founder, Spirit Rock Meditation Center

“The people at SF Acupuncture Group are experts in their field and maintain very high standards of professional client service.”
– Jim Herbert, Executive

“My back is still great thanks to you!”
– Lance Kalish, Co-founder, Yes To Carrots

“I didn’t believe in acupuncture until working with Franco and San Francisco Acupuncture Group–now I tell everyone he’s magic! For over ten years he’s helped get me through a rigorous performance schedule, injuries, and maintaining my best overall health needed to be a balanced person and athletic performer.”
– Kristen Faith Oei, Broadway performer

“I saw Franco Garritano for frozen shoulder after several painful months (and after a steroid injection, which had not dramatically altered my pain). SF Acupuncture Group uses “dry needling,” different from other accupuncture I have received; it is super-effective for frozen shoulder.  After only one treatment, my pain decreased to manageable levels and my mobility (ability to rotate arm) increased.  Highly recommend this practice.
– Carla S.

“I have had a long-term back injury which Jonah Hershowitz at San Francisco Acupuncture Group successfully treated using laser and acupuncture. I have experienced an incredible, 80% improvement over several months of treatment. It takes time for the body to heal, but Jonah’s diligent treatment definitely beats the alternatives of constant pain and surgery.”
– Gloria Horsley, Ph.D., Founder and Director, Open to Hope.

“I had sharp pains in my shoulder from playing basketball and tried physical therapy and 3 other acupuncturists for the first 10 months and showed no improvement. Every time I’ve seen Jonah it has improved at least 10%! If I ever have another injury he will be the first (and last) person I will call. Their staff is amazing and very accommodating. Even when Jonah was unavailable Franco was able to see me and was equally has helpful!”
– Mike S.

“I love this group of professionals. Franco is an awesome patient care provider and makes acupuncture treatment comfortable. We worked together to create a personalized treatment program, which has helped me to manage my chronic pain and stress.”
– Beth E., Castro Valley, California

“I have been dealing with decades of rotator cuff shoulder pain, to the point where I couldn’t sleep on that side of my body. I’ve tried many different treatments over the years and decided to approach Jonah about BioFlex laser therapy.

Given my distance from his office, I was pleased that he was able to work with me remotely via HIPAA-compliant videoconference. After a few months of treatment, I am now able to start sleeping on my left side. I’m not out of the woods yet, but after more than two decades, it’s pretty remarkable that I’m in at least 50% less pain.

As a separate issue, we also treated my facial acne using the laser LED arrays, and I’m 90% cleared up. This is something that two years of antibiotics was not able to address. I’m very pleased with how Jonah is able to advise and adjust protocols for home and remote treatment—and I deeply appreciate his thorough explanations about the biological action of the LED. My expectations were definitely exceeded.”
– Peter T., San Jose, California

“I was recently struck by a car and was referred to San Francisco Acupuncture group by a friend who had a similar experience. I was told to book an appointment with Franco; this guy knows what he’s doing. I started to feel better after just two sessions!”
– Scott H., San Francisco, California 

“I strained my back while moving my father-in-law from his wheelchair to the couch, and wound up with a chronic muscle spasm in my back. I could barely walk, and I was in extreme pain. I couldn’t even raise my arm to wash my hair.

I tried Bowen Technique treatments, therapeutic massages, and prescription muscle relaxants. My office even brought in an ergonomics specialist. Nothing helped. After a few months of agony, I found Jonah, who quickly identified the problem – a difficult-to-isolate muscle that connects the bottom of the rib cage to the hip.

The acupuncture treatments were amazing. I felt significant relief after the first session. Jonah also gave me a stretching exercise to perform at home, and warned that it would likely take several treatments to eliminate the pain. He was right. It took several visits, but I made noticeable progress each time and eventually, I was completely healed.

Jonah was a lifesaver for me. His caring, gentle approach and expertise are wonderful. I’m so grateful for his help.”
– Randy P., San Rafael, California

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