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We’re here to help you heal.

Our practice is small by design. It is made of three seasoned acupuncturists and an integrative M.D. who are masters in their areas of specialization.

Franco and Jonah are pain experts. Jeannie specializes in women’s health, digestive health and auto-immune support. Harry is a family doctor who brings functional medicine and medical cannabis into the mix. We have been working together for years and share a fierce commitment to our patients. We are also very close friends, which speaks to the integrity and warmth that you’ll feel here.

Our expertise includes a range of therapies, practices and specialties—pain and sports, primary functional medicine, reproductive medicine, dietary, herbal and nutritional medicine, and numerous adjunct soft tissue and pain care modalities. We are the Bay Area’s first choice for acupuncture and trigger point dry needling.

We also collaborate with a strong network of other health care providers, including physicians, osteopaths, chiropractors and physical therapists when that’s what’s needed to help you heal.

black and white image of Jonah Hershowitz, LAc, CMPT

Jonah Hershowitz, LAc, CMPT

Specializes in pain and dry needling.

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black and white image of Franco Garritano, LAc, CMPT

Franco Garritano, LAc, CMPT

Specializes in pain and dry needling.

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Jeannie Bianchi, Licensed Acupuncturist, FABORM

Jeannie Bianchi, LAc, FABORM

Specializes in women’s health, fertility, digestive health and auto-immune support.

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black and white image of Harry McIlroy, MD

Harry McIlroy, MD

Provides integrative medical consultations.

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