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San Francisco Acupuncture Group is the premier dry needling clinic servicing the San Francisco Bay and surrounding metro area for resolving stubborn pain. Our patients include NBA, MLB and NFL players, professional dancers–and weekend warriors alike. We also treat folks logging computer marathons. 

An Integrative Approach to Resolving Your Pain and Injuries

Work with expert practitioners to uncover and treat the causes of pain.

Women’s Wellness

We are experts in women’s health. We employ integrative methods to optimize hormonal balance, supporting women through each phase of life. We treat: PMS, symptoms of perimenopausal and menopause, PCOS, endometriosis, fertility and overall well-being.

What’s causing your pain?

The contributors to pain are often complex. The source isn’t always where you feel discomfort, and multiple factors can affect pain levels. Muscles and nerves can get stuck in dysfunctional pain and tension feedback loops. Sleep and postural habits can exacerbate pain. Our holistic approach to pain science pulls all of the levers to identify the root cause and resolve your pain.

Integrative Health & Functional Medicine

Integrative and functional medicine is about getting to the root of conditions rather than treating individual symptoms as they arise. The digestive system and inflammation are key starting points and this often can benefit people in chronic pain.

Virtual Pain Coaching & Consultation

We work with patients to determine the causes of their pain, which therapies will be most helpful and teach them what they can do to achieve lasting relief.

Book a virtual consultation and get specialist support to address your pain.

Sports Medicine Acupuncture

Our approach combines traditional and modern methods. We create personalized plans for optimal performance, injury prevention, and faster recovery utilizing integrative methods and collaborating with other providers to help you reach your goals.

About the Team

Treating pain is our life’s work and our team is made up of Master-Level Practitioners, most with 25+ years of experience, learning, and expertise.


Franco Garritano, LAc, CMPT
Pain and dry needling specialist.

2024 Jonah Headshot

Jonah Hershowitz, LAc, CMPT
Pain expert, virtual pain consultant and coach.


Jeannie Bianchi, LAc, FABORM
Women’s wellness, integrative/functional medicine specialist.

Chris O’Donnell, LAc
Orthopedic acupuncture and dry needling specialist.

Photo of Dr. Akasia Nelson, DAc.

Akasia Nelson, DAc
Sports acupuncture and dry needling specialist.

We are the Bay Area’s leading experts in Dry Needling, an extremely effective treatment for pain. Our team comprises the top San Francisco Bay specialists for myofascial pain, the treatment of acute and chronic pain conditions, and women’s health.

Resolve Your Pain and Injuries

We work collaboratively with patients. This means that we will let you know what we see going on with your body, clearly explain the treatment options and work with you to achieve your health and activity goals.

Do you have acute calf pain and you’re trying to run a marathon in a few days? Is your chronic back pain preventing you from being more active? Do you dread your period every month due to pain, fatigue, or other problematic symptoms? Whatever’s going on, you can count on us to listen carefully and ‘be in it with you’. 

We can help resolve your back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, headaches, chronic pain, or sports injury–and get you back to living your best, pain-free life.

We are also experts in herbal and nutritional medicine, and women’s wellness and integrative health. We will work with you to determine the safest, most effective treatment plan personalized for you.

Collaborative Pain Specialists

Well known among Bay Area pain and sports medicine doctors and physical therapists, we work collaboratively with other providers. We encourage you to put us in touch with your current providers.

If you’re a primary care or family physician, specialist, therapist, or health care professional, we welcome your referrals. We excel in communicating and collaborating with you to ensure our patients receive thorough, collaborative, and effective care.

“Within three sessions, Franco had me running again. I would call it magic, but as an M.D. myself, I can recognize a skilled practitioner.”

– Meg H., Needham, Massachusetts

“I believe we all deserve to live a life without pain, and I can honestly say Franco and Jonah gave me my life back.”

– Kirstin S.

Jeannie is incredibly knowledgeable about female reproductive health and assisted me in achieving menstrual regularity and helping reverse my PCOS.”

– Kate M., San Francisco, California

“Jonah changed my life. Over the course of the past year, he has brought my body back from hell.”

– Louis S., Los Angeles, California

“I’ve seen two GI specialists and a health coach, with zero positive impact. After two weeks working with Jeannie I saw major improvement!”

– Christine B., San Francisco

150+ Reviews, 5-Star Rating