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You’re in good hands here.

Pain, infertility and reproductive health issues, athletic injuries, surgical recovery, chronic illness, digestive issues and stress. These are the main conditions that bring people to us.

What makes us different? Acupuncture is in our name, but it’s only one part of our expertise. We are integrative practitioners who blend the best in modern and traditional medicine to quickly relieve stubborn symptoms while treating the root causes.

Even if you’re feeling confused or frustrated after medical encounters elsewhere, we can help.

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Dry Needling Experts

We are the Bay Area’s leading experts in Dry Needling, an extremely effective treatment for pain that neutralizes the trigger points causing you discomfort.  Schedule online or call 415 445 9388 today to book an appointment.

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Expertise, Integrity, Warmth

Our practice is small by design. It is made of four seasoned acupuncturists who are masters in their areas of specialization. We have been working together for years and share a fierce commitment to our patients. We are also very close friends, which speaks to the integrity and warmth that you’ll feel here.

Meet our team
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Pain and Dry Needling

Pain is one of the body’s strongest signals. Learn how we can help your back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, headaches, chronic pain, or sports injury.

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Women’s Health & Fertility

Women have unique health needs. Learn how we can support your gynecological health, fertility, pregnancy, menopause and overall wellbeing. We provide personalized care to address: high FSH, IVF, IUI, Egg Preservation, and POF.

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Digestive & Autoimmune Support

We help restore digestive health and reduce inflammation with holistic interventions.

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Acupuncture is only part of the story

We have expertise in a wide range of integrative health and medical services, including: traditional acupuncture, trigger point dry needling, electroacupuncture, scalp acupuncture, and advanced manual and targeted myofascial therapies. We are also experts in herbal and nutritional medicine, cold laser (LLLT), neurofeedback, and integrative therapies for women’s health and fertility. We will work with you to determine the safest, most effective treatments available.

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Medical consultations

We’re thrilled to have an integrative physician who is also an acupuncturist on our team. Harry McIlroy, MD is able to provide expert medical consultations to patients dealing with chronic pain or chronic illness. He advises on diagnoses, medical tests, treatment protocols and medications, including medical cannabis.

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A network of trusted professionals

We often integrate our treatment plans with the expertise of other healthcare providers. If you’re a primary care or family physician, specialist, therapist or health care professional, we welcome your referrals. We excel in communicating and collaborating with you to ensure our patients receive thorough, collaborative care.

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“San Francisco Acupuncture Group are great folks and well trained, fine healers. I appreciate their work.” Jack Kornfield, Bestselling Author and Founder, Spirit Rock Meditation Center

“My back is still great thanks to you!” Lance Kalish, Co-founder, Yes To Carrots

“I didn’t believe in acupuncture until working with Franco and San Francisco Acupuncture Group–now I tell everyone it’s magic!” Kristen Faith Oei, Broadway Performer

“It takes time for the body to heal, but Jonah’s diligent treatment definitely beats the alternatives of constant pain and surgery.” Gloria Horsley, Ph.D., Founder and Director, Open to Hope

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Dry Needling FAQ

What is dry needling? Dry needling is the use of fine needles to stimulate the repair of highly sensitive muscle or fascia fibers that are causing pain. Whether the result of sitting at a desk for too long, overuse or trauma from a sport or other activity, or from day-to-day stress, injury to muscle and […]

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Herb and Nutrient Strategies for Maintaining Immune Response

This article offers a simple regimen of a few targeted supplements that provide added benefit for immune function.

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Nutrition to Keep Immune Function Strong

Good food is the cornerstone of good health. Certain fruits and vegetables rich in micronutrients can give our cells a steady stream of nutrients associated with a healthy immune response.

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