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Our Approach

We bring deep expertise in a variety of therapies including dry needling, acupuncture and manual therapies as well as lifestyle, nutritional, and supplement recommendations, all informed by cutting-edge pain and muscle science. 

Our integrative approach works on three levels: alleviating the triggers of pain in your body, addressing the root causes and working with your nervous system to dial down hypersensitivity and amplified pain signals. 

We also work collaboratively with your other health care providers to optimize outcomes, and we can advocate on your behalf when necessary. 

Therapies We Provide

Dry Needling

We are nationally-recognized leaders in dry needling, an extremely effective treatment for musculoskeletal pain. It employs fine needles to stimulate a healing response that repairs damaged and dysfunctional muscles and tissues, soothes inflamed areas, and unwinds tightness. The needles reach places that hands alone simply can’t, whether it’s more superficial connective tissue, or deeper fascia, muscles or joints.

While both dry needling and classical acupuncture use the same needles, the approach is fundamentally different. While classical acupuncture focuses on regulating qi, dry needling focuses on working directly with muscles and tissues. 

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Acupuncture & Electroacupuncture

Our providers are experts in a wide variety of acupuncture methods, from classical techniques that have been in practice for thousands of years, to the most cutting edge science-based modalities. According to traditional theory, acupuncture regulates the movement of qi and blood in the body, restoring homeostasis and promoting self healing. Scientific studies into acupuncture have demonstrated its effectiveness in a diverse range of conditions and symptoms, and have elucidated a multitude mechanisms that help explain how it works in the body.

Electroacupuncture (EA) is the use of specific frequencies, intensities, and pulses of electric current in between acupuncture needles in order to relieve pain and reduce tissue inflammation by “interrupting” pain signals and causing the release of natural painkillers. We co-authored and helped conduct a double-blind, randomized controlled trial on EA analgesia (pain relief) that was carried out at the Stanford Pain Lab and presented at the World Congress of Pain (Buenos Aires, 2014) and at the Society for Acupuncture Research (Harvard Medical School, 2015).

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Manual Therapies / Fascia Tools

We like to say that our needles are like extensions of our hands and fingers, but sometimes there’s just no substitute for hands, and we often employ therapies like cross-friction tendon massage, or specific manual techniques to alleviate the taut bands, ropes, knots, and triggers that lead to muscle pain. We also make use of “gua sha” fascia tools to help the tissue to be more pliant and elastic.

Virtual Consultations for Pain

When you are dealing with chronic pain, it can be hard to get clarity on what’s going on, what will be most helpful and/or what you can do at home to feel better. Our telehealth pain consultations are designed to help patients understand the nature of their pain, the factors contributing to it and treatment options, including self-care and referrals.

We offer our expertise and guidance both as one-time consultations or on an ongoing basis to support you in making progress on your health and activity goals. We’re able to do a lot over video, including:

  • Offer potential avenues to explore for diagnosis
  • Create personalized treatment plans
  • Teach exercises, stretches, at-home therapies, relaxation or hypnotherapy/guided imagery techniques
  • Recommend ways to correct postural habits
  • Prescribe supplements specific to your case
  • Refer and collaborate with other specialists or therapists
  • Recommend steps to improve sleep

We’ll work with you to create a flexible treatment plan and guide your progress toward sustainable and lasting success. As you let us know what’s helping, we’re able to help you take control over your condition and make changes that make a difference.  

We also consult with other health providers and act as an advocate when necessary.

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Integrative & Functional Medicine

The functional medicine approach empowers patients and providers to work together to create individualized treatment plans that take into account each person’s unique genetic, biochemical, and lifestyle factors to address the underlying causes of disease. We seek not merely to relieve symptoms, but to remedy root causes; not merely to treat maladies, but to optimize health. 

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Other Modalities We Employ:

Exercise and stretching

Herbs & supplements

Lifestyle and behavioral recommendations

What to Expect in Your First Session

In our first session with you, we’ll conduct a thorough history and physical exam to develop a working diagnosis, identify the sources of pain, determine what’s aggravating/perpetuating it, and explore what we can do to resolve the pain, restore function, and help you achieve your goals. Our approach includes clinical therapies, changing habits (e.g. posture/ergonomics, sleep position, repetitive activities) and home care (e.g. exercises, stretching, heat therapy, self-massage).