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Laser & PBM Treatments: Getting Started

Getting Started is Easy

1. Schedule a virtual appointment with our laser expert.

2. Fill out a short intake form.

3. Schedule treatments with our laser technician.

Fee Schedule and More Info

Initial Laser & PBM Therapy Evaluation

20 minute intake and evaluation, $150 for new patients.

Jonah Hershowitz, who has over 15 years of clinical experience with laser and PBM therapy, will evaluate your case and create a customized protocol and treatment plan, including specific treatment targets, technical specifications, and dosage.

Laser & PBM Treatments & Courses

Our certified laser technician provides treatments at our 220 Bush Street location. Treatments take up to 15 minutes each.


Trial/Short Course: 6 Treatments, $750

Regular Course: 12 Treatments, $1350

A La Carte: $150 per Treatment