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Treating Patients, Not Biomarkers

A recent study may have, for the first time, provided a biomarker, using PET scans to look at brain glucose metabolism in the brain, to guide treatment options for depression. There is a similar movement in pain research to use fMRI scans to identify biomarkers for pain. We offer here a few words of caution about the potential pitfalls of thi [...]

Acupuncture For Inflammatory Pain And...

Acupuncture For Inflammatory Pain And Central Sensitization
A PILOT STUDY Authors: Nicholas Phillips (University of Vermont College of Medicine), Jonah Hershowitz, Lauren Bottoms (Kent State University Department of Epidemiology), Brenda Golianu (Stanford University Department of Anesthesthesia), Martin Angst (Stanford University Department of Anesthesthesia), Helene Langevin (University of Vermont D [...]
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